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Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders plague millions of Americans every night. Whether it’s snoring, restlessness, or sleepwalking, these and other disruptive conditions rob people of a good night’s sleep and the ability to properly function throughout the day.

The board-certified physicians at Pulmonary & Sleep of Tampa Bay have decades of combined clinical practice and research in treating some of the most common sleep disorders.

We have eight beds at our three local Sleep Labs, a convenient visit for patients that includes everything from consultation to diagnosis, and treatment. Unlike other practices, we also provide home testing services.

Along with a professional, caring staff, our doctors will run thorough, extensive diagnostics to determine the best course of treatment for your sleep disorder.

Sleep Disorders We Treat

Circadian Sleep Disorder

Disturbances in your internal clock can disrupt normal sleeping and waking patterns.  Symptoms include non-restorative sleep and poor concentration.

Excessive Sleepiness

This condition can be caused by interruptions such as sleep apnea, medications, narcolepsy and more. The right amount of sleep, according to your age, is the best method for fighting the symptoms, which range from mild to severe.


Insomnia, which is by far the most common sleep disorder, can result in irritability, headaches and excessive sleepiness. We treat insomnia with behavior therapy, relaxation techniques and in some cases, sedating medicines.


This disorder, which is often hereditary, involves excessive drowsiness and sudden daytime sleep attacks.  There is no cure, but management of the condition includes lifestyle changes and medications.

Sleep Apnea

Although this is an extremely common condition, sleep apnea can be very dangerous if not accurately treated. Apnea is identified by interruptions or pauses in breathing while asleep, the result of blocked or narrow airways by either the tongue or other tissues.


These conditions — which include leg cramps, nightmares, and sleep walking — disrupt sleep are usually mild in nature. Diagnostic testing may include a mental status examination.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

This condition involves the irresistible urge to move your legs, often brought on by what patients call a “creepy-crawly” sensation. We can diagnose RLS with a sleep study or blood test, and treat the condition using medication and iron supplements.


Nearly everyone has a snorer in his or her life. Snoring is marked by loud, raspy or hoarse noises made during sleep, which is the vibration caused by airflow from your mouth or nose to your lungs.  Snoring can be an indication of sleep apnea.

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